Detecting the use of PPE

The main reason that motivates company managers, industrialists or QSE managers to install this type of device on their worksites is to make employees aware of the need to wear PPE. In particular, on access to high-risk areas.

Moreover, other motivations lead companies

to equip themselves with these pedagogical tools.

Securing a specific location in
anticipation of a potential accident
Collect statistics of
breaches of security rules
established in the company,
and implement corrective
actions if necessary.
Inform the employee of a
possible oversight
Inform other employees
that one or more people
are in a dangerous situation:
group self-discipline

The PPE detection device also makes it possible

to meet three interrelated objectives:

  • Enforce the current regulations in the company.

  • Establish a link between regulations and the behaviour of employees in high-risk and accident-prone areas. Typically, when the device triggers an audible and luminous alarm, employees become aware that a person is potentially in danger.

  • Fight against the decrease in vigilance and the development of bad habits by visual and sound stimulation, or by blocking access to the danger zone.


There are two reasons for the psychological impact that the educational system has on employee behaviour:


The PPE detection device is based on robust algorithms.

The accuracy of the detection is optimal
thanks to the combination of our
triple competence (AI, Software and Hardware),
as well as the constitution of our
own database specific to our applications.

This is why Yumain’s solution is designed to be robust and
reliable to all environments and guarantees you the respect
of the rules for the wearing of the helmet.



T2S is one of the largest French manufacturers of High Visibility Personal Protective Equipment.

EC2E is a major player and a recognised specialist in the material handling market and has been for over 40 years.

To contact T2S:

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Director of Key Account Services, Fabric and Connected Solutions

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To contact EC2E:

EC2E Electro Cablage
4, Boulevard Napoléeon 1er
ZAC du Pont des Rayons

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Solution Sheet

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The types of PPE detection of the Yumain solution

YUMAIN’s detection device is designed to detect when a helmet is not being worn. Studies are in progress to add in the short term the detection of the safety vest. Other elements can be added on request, such as :

  • The face shield
  • The glasses
  • The anti-noise
  • The mask
  • The garment
  • The harness
  • Etc.

A non-intrusive implementation, which respects your imperatives

Because they are versatile, compact and unobtrusive, these non-intrusive, educational devices can be installed near a variety of locations. Nevertheless, they are often installed :

  • At the entrances to construction sites
  • At risk area access points
  • At hot spots and accidents on industrial sites
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation

By default, the system covers the entire field covered by the integrated sensor. If necessary, a virtual zone can be set by the user to exclude part of the field of view.

Flexible and maintenance-free operation

To detect the wearing of one or more PPE, the system is based on the combination of image analysis and onboard algorithms based on artificial intelligence.

The image captured by the video sensor is processed in real time directly in the device housing, and will trigger an alert via one or more dry contact outputs. Alert devices are multiple, luminous, sound, voice, wireless, or any other solutions. These dry contacts can also be interfaced with the locking of access doors.

This information can also be stored and time-stamped for statistical purposes, but also to feed useful indicators to the QSE and CHCT manager.

As this solution is above all intended to be educational, the image is deliberately not stored. Nevertheless, a memorization of events (images) can be kept locally on request, or transmitted to a concentrator via an IP link. Precautions will then have to be taken on the GDPR aspects.

Due to its fanless design, this solution requires no maintenance.

Quick and undemanding installation

Due to the different possible layout configurations, the devices can be powered in several ways:

  • By permanent electrical network (240 VAC)
  • By solar panel: optional.

Thanks to technical developments, and the choice of a universal support type Ram-Mount™, the collector can be installed on various supports.

Installation on a mast or on a wall are the most commonly adapted solutions. An installation on a gantry or scaffolding is also possible.

This device includes all the elements necessary for its operation and installation: “Edge Computing” solution.

In its basic version, it only requires an external power supply + connection to the light and sound device (“plug & play” concept).

There is no need to connect to the cloud, or to the corporate network.

A solution that meets GDPR requirements

This device, in its basic version, does not store or transmit any image and is therefore not covered by the PGRD Regulation.

Safety is everyone's business

The employer has the obligation to take all possible measures to ensure the safety and health of its employees, and must ensure the effective wearing of personal protective equipment by its employees.

The employee also has an obligation to take care of his or her health and safety and that of all persons affected by his or her actions. He is liable to disciplinary action if he does not wear the personal protective equipment provided to him by the employer.

In the event of an accident, the employee’s failure to comply with his obligation to wear PPE does not exempt the employer from civil and criminal liability. The employee may also be held liable if it is judged that the accident was caused by the employee’s failure to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment or by his negligence.

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