Gestation control for bovine

The main reason for integrating this solution is to be able to check the pregnancy of bovines without rectal palpation and without the need for a veterinarian to analyse the photo.

In addition, other motivations lead companies to equip themselves with our system:

Simple operation

Connect, target, inseminate, transfer data, receive analysis.


Very high level of detection accuracy

Cost effective

Economical solution that can be used by non-medical staff
Rapid gestation control

Why choose the Yumain sensor?

  • The Yumain solution helps you decide whether to inseminate or not.

  • Optimise the operator's work, cross the cervix without rectal palpation and get an analysis without calling a vet.

  • Our artificial intelligence analyses your photos and detects the state of pregnancy with great reliability.

  • The artificial intelligence processes the images and sends them back to you confidentially in less than ... minutes.

  • The development of this solution was carried out as close to the field as possible thanks to a database and a French partnership.

  • Artificial intelligence in an environment protecting data ownership.

Simple operation: Connect the Eye Breed, target, inseminate, transfer the photo obtained with the phone, the artificial intelligence analyzes it immediately and you receive immediately the gestation status of the bovine.


The photo-based pregnancy detection system is based on a combination of our robust algorithms and filters applied by image processing.


Your operators can do it themselves, no need to call in a vet. This considerably reduces the cost of gestation control.


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