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The CEA, represented by the List Institute, is pleased to award the Embedded Technologies Trophy to YUMAIN, which has positioned itself very quickly on embedded AI and has acquired valuable expertise in this field since its beginnings, explains Sandrine Varenne, Business Development Manager at the CEA.

“YUMAIN specialises in the design and manufacture of intelligent recognition solutions based on state-of-the-art industrial cameras incorporating embedded artificial intelligence. The advantages of the YUMAIN solution are numerous: real time performance with processing within the sensor, an economical solution, scalable and adaptable to other use cases. It is particularly gratifying to reward this company that we have been following since its beginnings, which demonstrates vision and innovation in a highly competitive market. Its economic and technological positioning and its targeted applications make it a player with very high potential that is already making a difference today. Finally, we are delighted that after Arcure in 2018, another SME partner of CPS4EU, a key project for CPS innovation, will also receive this trophy. »



Our R&D partners :

  • LEAD, Laboratoire d’Etude de l’Apprentissage et du Développement – University of Burgundy & CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), France
  • ELSI, “European Laboratory for Sensory Intelligence” for security, defence and medical applications – ISL, Franco-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis, France
  • CEA-LIST, Research Institute for Intelligent Digital Systems – CEA, The French Atomic Energy Commission, France

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