Defence / Security

The defence sector includes state security and the armed forces, which have complementary roles in the defence of people and property.

The defence / security issues

Private security is currently thriving. CCTV is also expanding rapidly, since it is being installed in more and more private and even public places. Thefts, assaults, antisocial behaviour and even the risk of attacks are part of daily life for these sectors. Also, the armed forces, who increasingly work with private companies to develop their processes, face new problems.

The Yumain solutions can solve many of these problems.

The defence / security

Are you a professional in the sector? These solutions are made for you!

Our innovative solutions combining signal processing, embedded artificial intelligence (edge-computing) and data acquisition will allow you to achieve your goals and solve many problems. Designed for you, they will adapt to your harsh environments and to your highest safety, security and productivity requirements.

Our defence / security solutions