The energy sector, and, more particularly, that of the transport and distribution of gas and electricity, frequently face new challenges.

The issues

The arrival of smart grids, driven by the emergence of new uses for electricity such as electric vehicles, the arrival of the smart home, or decentralised production, requires operators to improve continuously.

The solutions

Are you a professional in the sector? These solutions are made for you!

Our innovative solutions and algorithms combining signal processing, embedded artificial intelligence (edge-computing) and data acquisition can play a major role in the following areas:

• Identification and localisation of faults in transport and distribution networks via transient analysis.
• Preventive analyses of the quality of installed cables (HVA and HVB junctions and terminations).
•Automatic diagnosis of the problems of pruning for the overhead network.
• Automatic assistance in locating conductor faults (Corona or IR)
• Securing HVA and HVB stations (Humans and/or animals).

Our energy solutions