The world of logistics is a vast sector, in which several areas of activity coexist, such as warehousing and storage, handling and even road transport of goods.

The logistics

This represents an important ecosystem where there are more and more risks and the goals are difficult to achieve. Since the appearance of logistics 4.0 and the resultant automation of sites, the appearance of new problems has forced logistics specialists to rethink their current model.

The smart solutions developed by Yumain are there to help you achieve your goals.

The logistics solutions

Are you a professional in the sector? These solutions are made for you!

Our exclusive solutions, bringing together signal processing, embedded artificial intelligence (edge-computing) and data acquisition, will allow you to keep up the required level of safety and security at your sites by preventing intrusions, thefts and attacks and even to increase your productivity by detecting breakdowns before they happen.

Embedded or remote, our systems are scalable and will integrate easily into your existing systems.

Whatever your goals, the Yumain applications dedicated to the world of logistics have been designed for you, to meet all your safety, security and productivity needs!

Our logistics solutions