Automatic analysis and extraction of surveillance images

An optimal solution for finding, extracting and compressing the footage of interest from your large volume of recorded videos, to use them more efficiently and more cleverly..


The time-consuming analysis of video footage due to the increase in video surveillance and of big data wastes a lot of time and leads to problems with accuracy. Automatic extraction of footage of interest will allow you to improve productivity and recover time, as well as to classify the footage and easily store them.

Main features of the solution

E.C.S (Edge Computing Sensor) is a solution for installation in sensitive areas, consisting of fixed sensors with embedded artificial intelligence (Edge-Computing).

Quick analysis of your large volumes of video surveillance

Configurable and customisable solution to suit your objectives

Image extraction or video creation from your footage of interest

large set of detections (humans, vehicles, objects, etc.)

Technical information

General characteristics
Power connector Wurth Elektronik 691361300002
Input/output connector Wurth Elektronik 691381000008
Weight 950g
Dimensions 114 mm x 114 mm x 60 mm
Relay status LED on the front panel 
Electrical life at nominal load  1×10^5 cycles @ 1 A, 24 VDC
Mechanical life  5×10^6 cycles
Isolated inputs
Number of inputs  2
Input voltage 12-24 VDC, non-polarised
Input resistance 1 kΩ @ 0.33 W
Dielectric strength between input/output 5,000 VRMS
Supply voltage DC 12V/24V/48V (optionally 230 VAC)
Power draw Max: 25 W
Relay outputs
Number of relays 2
Relay type SPST (normally open)
Maximum switching voltage AC : 125 V @ 0.3 A – DC : 24 V @ 1 A
Contact resistance 100 mOhm max
Typical triggering time 1.1 ms
Max triggering time 5 ms
Typical opening time 0.4 ms
Max opening time 5 ms

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