Detection of hard hat being worn (PPE)

Guarantee the real-time safety of your operators by detecting that mandatory hard hats are being worn.


Although companies make personal protective equipment available, employees do not always comply with the requirement to wear a hard hat. Accidents due to non-compliance with the wearing of PPE in the industrial world are still a major problem for professionals in the sector.

The smart solutions developed by Yumain are there to help you achieve your goals.

Main features of the solution

E.C.S (Edge Computing Sensor) is a solution installed at strategic points (entry to the worksite) consisting of fixed sensors with embedded AI (Edge-Computing).

These smart sensors will detect and alert in real time any non-compliance with the requirement to wear hard hats in those zones that have previously been defined.

Installed at sensitive sites (defence, etc.) Easy and fast system configuration Can be interfaced with external elements (gantries, doors, etc.)


The combination of image processing and artificial intelligence can drastically reduce detection failures and false positives.

Very high rate of detection due to its use of dedicated databases.

Complies with image rights with our embedded E.C.S (Edge Computing Sensor) in the sensor

Retrofit your existing installations with our local server A.I.S (Artificial Intelligence Server).

La solution en action

Technical information

General characteristics
Power connector Wurth Elektronik 691361300002
Input/output connector Wurth Elektronik 691381000008
Weight 950g
Dimensions 114 mm x 114 mm x 60 mm
Relay status LED on the front panel 
Electrical life at nominal load  1×10^5 cycles @ 1 A, 24 VDC
Mechanical life  5×10^6 cycles
Isolated inputs
Number of inputs  2
Input voltage 12-24 VDC, non-polarised
Input resistance 1 kΩ @ 0.33 W
Dielectric strength between input/output 5,000 VRMS
Supply voltage DC 12V/24V/48V (optionally 230 VAC)
Power draw  Max : 25W
Relay outputs
Number of relays 2
Relay type SPST (normally open)
Maximum switching voltage AC : 125 V @ 0.3 A – DC : 24 V @ 1 A
Contact resistance 100 mOhm max
Typical triggering time 1.1 ms
Max triggering time 5 ms
Typical opening time 0.4 ms
Max opening time 5 ms

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